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In my journey of finding my identity, I realized that it is IMPORTANT to forgive, heal and let go

This is because I found that unresolved pain taints the way we see ourselves, others and life.

A little bit about my journey…

In my teen years, I struggled to relate with a lot of people. I really tried to but it was difficult for me.  As a result, I felt upset with myself and angry with society.

I felt like an outcast.

However, in order to try understand why I could hardly relate with people, I started researching about introversion. In my search I came across the book Quiet by Susan Cain which really enlightened me about my personality… and over time, I became a self-accepted introvert.

However, I noticed that something weird started happening!

When I began identifying myself as an introvert I felt (metaphorically) a box fall on me. I felt that I was conforming into something that wasn’t me.

This is not because the quiet movement, or identifying myself as an introvert was wrong. No, it was because I accepted that identity from a place of pain and hurt and not from a place of freedom and peace.

In other words, I had internalized the book with a mindset of rejection and pain.

Therefore, a new found revelation that could help me know how to handle my life became a burden because I was honestly beginning to use introversion to make excuses and limit myself rather than live in freedom.

What changed?

After I realized what was happening I decided to turn to the bible for some answers.

The main message I got from reading it was that I am made in God’s likeness, and who is God?

God is love!

1 John 4:8-Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love

That meant that one of the MAJOR characteristic of my true identity is love.

I therefore needed to stop operating with the rejection mindset and start shifting it to that of love by renewing my mind through meditating on the bible.

I needed to focus on growing in love with myself, others and most importantly God.

Your true identity

I believe that when you find your identity, you have also found your gift that will make an impact on others. You will find that you have something to give to this world even if you feel like an outcast.

Finding your identity isn’t supposed to make you harden your heart or build a wall around your heart. Finding your identity is finding how you were DESIGNED to love.

Let love be your fuel for life

That’s all for today folks. I know I’ve been MIA for a few months. But am back and am ready to share with you more personal, practical and rich content.

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  1. So much wisdom in this article.
    My isn’t God awesome and doing a great work in you!!
    So awesome!
    Now let me read around some more 😅 Keep at it!!!

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