It’s only by faith that you can have peace in the tunnel


There was something really bothering me for the past two years. Finding purpose and meaning in life.

It sounds weird considering the fact that this a channel focusing on God and stuff.

The problem was I couldn’t understand or see how there is meaning in life. So part of even why I decided to search for God was to have these questions answered. But weirdly? Up to now, I haven’t really gotten THE ANSWER.

This is what I mean as THE ANSWER?

It is that thing that shakes your very being… that makes you feel enlightened.


Now as I write these words I feel a bit silly but I’m just going to be honest here… that’s exactly how I felt.

And the weird thing is that I thought that that’s the one thing that God would answer. Maybe he has or is but just not in the way that I expected.

Earlier this year… two-three weeks ago I shared with someone what I’ve been going through… being in a state of existential crisis.

And she just reminded me that my life isn’t about me but about Him… its not by works… I’m just a vessel but because I carry His presence, He is carrying out his work through me.

‘We walk by faith and not by sight’

I won’t lie that TOTALLY released me. Because this issue which may seem silly to some was actually weighing me down because I was in a state of constantly trying to figure out purpose and meaning in everything… which honestly made me feel depressed at times (quite a few times). I was in a state of just figuring figuring figuring. But the moment she told me that… I stopped trying to figure it out and I chose to have Faith that even if I in no way understand what’s going on, I believe that there is so much more to my life, to life than what I know and understand.

Sometimes I still try to figure it out but when I see my mind going that direction I just tell myself that in as much as I  don’t understand and I don’t feel full of life… I know that there is so much to live for.

Interestingly, I’ve found that by doing that I feel so much peace. So even in these moments of ‘lows’ I feel God’s peace.


God’s weird, Life’s weird

But I guess that’s what makes it interesting.


  1. Am glad you wrote something. Its enlightening 🙂 God has been teaching me that he really isn’t after perfection or my works. He is after working within me, before he can work through me.

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