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Hey guys,

I’m Inossi and welcome to my site!

So I had been trying to figure out life for a while. Trying to live free, trying to be a better person, trying to seek God… trying, trying, trying…

Trying and waiting for something to change…

But in trying I had forgotten to actually live my life and be present in every single moment of my life.

I think it’s because I was so used to instant gratification- easily detaching myself from reality with some high or happiness- that I was no longer living life.

So what has changed?

In trying to live lol…. It finally clicked!

The richness of life is more in the process rather than in the sparks or highs.

So now I live for the process and yes it’s different, sometimes seriously uncomfortable, but much more fulfilling and AWESOME!

But that’s not the best part…

In learning to be present and living in the process of life I have realized that the key to growing and living in freedom is …


If you want to experience life to the FULLEST, you need to grow in love with yourself, in love with others and most importantly in love God.


INKmyfreedom aims to guide others into developing a mindset of freedom( a mindset of love). It also aims to inspire and empower others to live life to the FULLEST.

So if you have been seeking answers… seeking fulfillment, seeking life, do SUBSCRIBE below and join me on this journey of living, and becoming truly free!!

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