By Emmanuel Kyama I still remember the first time I heard that definition. “Truth,” He said “is the highest form of reality”. “Truth,” He said “is the highest form of reality” Those words echoed inside my head for days. I couldn’t shake them off. They seemed to beckon me, calling me into a new train […]

Declutter your mind


For a loong time, I had struggled with keeping my mind focused and clear. In fact, I  would honestly say that I had lost grip of my own mind to the point  that I would go on  trips of overwhelming disorganized thoughts which would leave me mentally exhausted. What this did was that it prevented […]


Death to Melancholy

YESTERDAY I WENT TO CHURCH… The message being preached was very inspiring and I felt like my soul was being fed. But during the sermon, I got an overwhelming feeling of grief and loss to the point I had to leave to the washroom a couple of times to gather myself. In there, I kept […]